The mission of the Massachusetts ACE Network is to support the advancement of women in all segments of Massachusetts higher education and the New England Region and to promote the diversity of women and their contributions in Massachusetts higher education.  The network is committed to developing leaders that promote justice, equity and inclusion at their institutions.

To identify, develop, encourage, advance, lead and support (IDEALS), programs which will advance the careers of women in all areas of higher education.  

To enhance communication and interaction among the ACE Women’s Network, Massachusetts participants at both public and private institutions, and between the ACE Women’s National Network, other regional state ACE Women’s Networks, leaders in higher education and decision makers in other areas, in order to shape educational policies which actively promote the contributions and needs of women.

To develop, explore, and advocate issues that concern women in higher education; and
to promote mentoring activities that enhance the participation of women in leadership roles in higher education 

To promote justice, equity and inclusion by embedding anti-racism into the work of the network at all levels.